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Zoom in on our new Pineapple Sticker & you will notice it is made of 100% drops.💧🍍

Snow cones 🍧

Good brew and better company! Taking a time out for a quick pint with our friends Caroline and Alex in London because sightseeing makes you very thirsty!

*cling cling* it’s #NationalMartiniDay 🍸 Come grab one (or two) #atTheAnderson


quel bar non lo aveva mai visto così pieno. sulla via per l'inferno c'è sempre un sacco di gente, ma è comunque una via che si percorre in solitudine. si spinse avanti a gomitate per prendere la sua vodka liscia

🥥 Drinks for #TikiTuesday @flaskandcannon Photo Courtesy 📷: @lyndzzzw

Who doesn't want a proper Hurricane when it's 90 out? 😅 * OK, so who here has heard of Fassionola Syrup? Great, I hadn't either until quite recently but it was one of Don the Beachcomber's go-to syrups and was used in such classics like the Cobra's Fang 🐍 but is what also gave the Hurricane 🌀 its trademark red color. Similar to orgeat, this syrup was all but lost. Only one company that I know of (@cocktailandsons) still makes it but it often runs out of stock. So I perused a few recipes and decided that strong strawberry 🍓 and "Hawaiian Punch" notes was the target. I'm pretty pleased with this first batch though it is a bit tart so I think I'll add more sugar next time *** Hurricane 2 oz Doctor Bird Jamaica Rum 2 oz Coruba Dark Rum 2 oz Homemade Fassionola Syrup* 2 oz Lemon Juice Shake, dump; top with crushed ice and janky parasol * Fassionola Syrup 2 cups Strawberries 1 cup Blueberries 1 cup BG Reynolds Passion Fruit Syrup 1 cup Pineapple Juice 0.5 cup Cane Sugar 0.5 cup Water Half of an orange (fruit only) 3 oz Hibiscus Tea I don't think blueberries would've been traditional but I was out of cherries so I compromised by adding a little bit of orange to give more citrus and tart flavors

Did someone say National Martini Day? 🍸 #doubleogrill

Water 💧 is found in so many different food and drink choices. When we talk about liquid intake we mean everything that contain water and not only glasses of water! During these hot summer days, you can enjoy a variety of 🍉fruits, 🥒vegetables, 🥛drinks and 🍦desserts that contain water in them. so Keep calm and stay hydrated 💦. #thirsty #stayhydrated #mtl #info #health

Obligatory sweaty post-gym beach selfie. I am hugely spoiled this summer!