Take only memories, leave only footprints 👣 True ?

What would you like to hear next? Looking for a song to cover for this week. Comment to let me know! ❤️🤘🏼🎤❤️ #ShelbyJeanMusic #songwriters #creativepreneur #herestothecreatives #visualcontent #dreamersandoers #musiciansofinstagram #goodvibes #womenintheworld

🏃‍♀️➰ . ainda estou fascinado pelo norte da argentina, certeza que voltarei pra conhecer melhor . #visitargentina #jujuy

Fé-play #jocum

First castle I ever visited in Japan!

View from #PalaceofCultureandScience in #Warszawa 😍 #Poland is nice 🇲🇨

View from #PalaceofCultureandScience in #Warszawa 😍 #Poland is nice 🇲🇨

View from #PalaceofCultureandScience in #Warszawa 😍 #Poland is nice 🇲🇨

•Castillo de Alicante• - Aquí estaba yo, vigilando mi fortaleza, contemplando el horizonte. - Mientas viví en Alicante el Castillos De Santa Barbara era uno de los lugares que más visitaba. - Es impactante ver las fortalezas que hay por toda Europa, donde tus muros cuenta la historia que cada pueblo vivió y luchó por sus tierras! - Si llegan a pasar por Alicante no duden en visitarlo, no saldrán defraudado. - Para los amantes de GOT acá grabaron unas cuentas escenas


While I stood in line for street food, Nolan requested my phone. He sees the world differently than most people do, and is growing more and more comfortable with letting us in on his perspective. This now includes his photography, which is a new endeavor. I watched from a distance and saw adults, all equipped with large, professional looking cameras, move away from the shadows. They seemed to be after a pure, unhindered capture. Nolan confidentially stood in the empty space and turned to give me a thumbs up, as though to signal that he found the sweet spot. He help up my my phone, checked his work, adjusted his body, and held it up again. When he proudly skipped back, he said, “I can go back if you think the shadows are a problem.” I asked him what HE thought about the shadows and he said, “These buildings all touch. I was inspecting this one to see where it stops and I couldn’t figure it out. I think they hold each other up. If the shadows weren’t in the picture, how would anybody know that this building isn’t alone?” That’ll preach. Also, can you spot the eagle? 📷 by Nolan Rallis, age 7.