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My favorite Chest finisher.... also I love when people grunt ridiculously in the gym😐😒

Essa foto representa real o que estamos sentindo nesse momento tão mágico... Coração explodindo de felicidade à espera de mais uma grande benção em nossas vidas... E no chá revelação, descobrimos que virá uma princesa, sim galera é MENINAAAAA... Só vem LAURA titia está louca pra te ver 💕👸🏻💕 #Laura #babygirl

No one but yourself can lift you to the top ! 💪 Personne d autre que toi meme ne pourra te hisser au sommet

Post leg day ball and recovery with my IntraAminoSport - Today's leg day consisted of: 1️⃣ Barbell squats on a dumbbell 10 sets of 10-12 reps 30-60 seconds between sets 2️⃣ Stiff leg dumbbell deadlifts superset with T Bar goblet squats 5x20x20 3️⃣ Split squats 5x15 4️⃣ Laying Hamstring curl machine 10x10x20 (dropset) 5️⃣ Walking lunges 5x20 - If you're looking to up your recovery, head over to @AdaptogenScience and pick up some IntraAminoSport! Use 🔥naveenfit🔥 to save some 💰💰

Big Team Long Congratulations 🎉 to Athlete Carolina Bravo who won 1st in novice and 3rd in open 🔥 @carolinajourney

Happy Sunday y’all!! Now we know this is what ends up falling on this day for most. And just wanted to reiterate what we always say! A cheat meal is ok a cheat day..not so much. When we have one big meal our bodies cannot take in and digest everything so a good portion will just go In and out. But if you space it out through a whole day you are giving your body plenty of time to digest and store all of the cheat meals! Causing way more damage towards your fitness goal. . And on the other side of the spectrum do not be afraid to take a rest day! It does the body a lot of good, on a several different levels. Not only do you let your body rebuild muscle, but you restore your ARA (arachidonic acid) which helps you inflame and get sore, allowing more efficient recovery and progression. . Have a wonderful Sunday, and let’s hit the ground running tomorrow. Start the week right, let’s get better! #ESN #elite #athlete #transformation #fitfam #progress #goals #flex #weightloss #bodybuilding #powerlifting #crossfit #hit #recovery #motivation #running #cardio #weightlifting #supplements #newbraunfels #vitamins #wcw #mcm #gym #competition #gains #cutting #throwback #growth #sunday

One day I’ll be the same size as that gorilla. Never give up on your dreams. PC @_ameena