Stop holding YOUrself back. In order to achieve it YOU have to believe it. In order to believe it, YOU have to feel it.

Anybody Can Do Just About Anything with Himself That *He Really Wants to And Makes Up His Mind To Do*. We Are All Capable Of Greater Things Than We Realize. How Much One Actually Achieves Depends Largely On: *1.Desire* *2.Faith* *3. Persistent Effort* *4.Ability* But If You Are Lacking In The First Three Factors, *Your Ability Will Not Balance Out The Lack*. So Concentrate On The First Three And *The Results Will Amaze You*. *To Your Success*!! *Regards,* *Beny Kelley* #MC #Presenter #Speaker #Leader #Coach #Mentor #Entreprenuer

God focuses on the things you're doing right; ~ He ONLY sees the BEST in you. ~ You may not always control your temper as you know you should. You may slip and say things you wish you hadn't said. ~ Seek forgiveness from God and from anyone you may have offended or harmed, but don't go around beating yourself up, living in condemnation. ~ That not to condone wrongdoing, but the truth is, we all have areas in which we need to improve. ~ We can't become so focused on our faults that we cease to enjoy who God made us to be. ~ You have to be happy with who you are right now and accept yourself, faults and all. ~ The scripture says we are God's "workmanship". The word "workmanship" implies that WE are not yet a finished product; we are a " work in progress" ~ We will continue to get molded and shaped until we become the IMAGE in which God wants us to be. ~ The key to future success is to not be discouraged about your past or present while you are in the process of being COMPLETED. ~ Don't allow people, system's, or circumstances influence your estimation of your VALUE Follow @positive_synergy365 @_wesleythomas @_wesleythomas @bgriffin70 @billadkins4 @hannahbelle_2015 @hannahhicks94 @ehicks_blog @kennethstevens2004 @jessjoseph4 @stevens8069 @cazia89 @positive_synergy365 @positive_synergy365 #positive #positivevibes #success #progress #entreprenuer #happiness #fitness #change #fit #goals #effort #goals #faith #live #love #laugh #adversity #destiny #jesus #gospel #bible #challenge #great #god #fit #fitness

Learning from the established Global brand mentored the awardees. Stating that an award is a curse or suffering expectation of business excellence to do more. Entrepreneurship training and mentorship to the next level. Certified Leaprenuer Awards 2018. Whether your an employee or entrepreneur I think you need to sell yourself everyday. They have a mindset like Mang Inasal that don't approach big corporations, instead work hard and let them approach or buy you. Then negotiate for company profit share exit or partnership #leaprenuer2018 #leaprenuerawards2018 #employee #entreprenuer #business #gandanegosyo

We were born into a society where pushing, striving and hustling are badges of honour. ••• “Busy” is tossed around multiple times a day, as if it justifies why you’re exhausted, bitchy, not present and checked out of your life. ••• We’re told if we just “put our nose down and grind” we’ll be rewarded for our efforts. ••• We’re taught that the long days, sleepless nights and not having time for yourself is NORMAL. ••• And to all of this I say fuck it. ••• Being so “busy” that you can’t take time for family, friends, the things that bring you joy or yourself is a sure fire way to end up miserable. ••• Hustling the long hours to get the reward faster is a sure fire way to ensure your exhausted when you finally get there - if it’s even what you wanted in the first place. ••• Busy, grinding, hustling is you operating out of fear and resistance. ••• Stop. Listen. Ask yourself what you really want. ••• Pursue it with INTENTION from a space of SERVICE and JOY and you’ll be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams NOW not 50 years from now when you retire (and then you’re too tired and sick to enjoy it.) 🤦‍♀️ #mindfulbiohacker #lifecoach #ketosis

Summertime in Florida gets hot...don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Stop in and grab a smoothie or a bowl to help cool you off. Open from 7a-6p Mon-Sat and 9a-6p on Sunday. Come see us! 📸: @stepheniehardt

Tendemos a no creer en nosotros mismos y siempre pensamos en los peores escenarios, a tal punto que hacemos que los demás se contagien de la misma negatividad. Si DESEAS⭐️ hacer algo, hazlo, no pierdas tu valioso tiempo esperando aprobar escenarios, si CREES EN TI 👈🏻mismo, puedes hacer que todo funcione. El cambio siempre empieza por uno mismo, no por los demás. 🤷🏻‍♀️😏💪🏻 #post #loveyourself #try #doers #goodvibes #buenasvibras #repost #libertad #inspiration #éxito #libertadfinanciera #emprender #entreprenuer #negocios #educacion #madrid #lifegoal #mentesmillonarias #millionairsclub #jet #luxurylife #luxurylifestyle #millionaires #millionaire #buenjueves #working #mifrasesflor