💥NEW PODCAST UP - SHOULDER TALK WITH DR MATT CLAY💥 - 🔹Ever injured your shoulder? Maybe you’ve had a little tweak every so often? - 🔹Getting injured can be a super frustrating experience. Not knowing exactly what to do, or even more importantly what you can do moving forward so it doesn’t happen again. - 🔹That’s why I am beyond excited to bring you this episode of the Strong and Lean at Any Age Podcast. - 🔹My guest is Dr. Matt Clay (@matthewclay0) from Potomac Family and Sports Chiropractic Center in Sterling, VA. and in this episode we talk everything Shoulders: - ✅How he treated my shoulder injury. ✅Dry Needling- what it is and how it helps in recovery. ✅How training while injured IS possible and most often recommended ✅Abdominal breathing and how it plays a role in recovery and overall strength. ✅General shoulder health exercises you can be doing right now to keep your shoulders strong and healthy. - 🔹Matt is an amazing doctor who specializes in movement - in fact, I call him my “Movement Doctor”. Give him a follow: @matthewclay0 . He is a wealth of information 😀 - 🔹Grab your @unicornmagiccoffee, and take a listen. LINK IN BIO

Signs are up and the doors are open! Encore Rehabilitation-Opelika opened today! Be sure to stop in and say hello to Director Trip Garner and all the Rehab Team! And come see us for all your rehab needs! . Encore Rehabilitation-Opelika 3051 Fredrick Road Suite 4 Opelika, Alabama 36801 334-521-6644 . We LOVE to see you move! . #EncoreStrong #opelika #nowopen #new #clinic #physicaltherapy #rehab #sportsmedicine #industrialrehab #workerscomp #dryneedling

Here is a sample of dry needling for the forearm. Very effective for releasing tight muscles and Trigger Points. After we performed the needling, there was an immediate difference in the tightness. #dryneedling #sportschiropractic

Mais um passo de uma nova etapa da vida, com o coração cheio de felicidade e gratidão. Agora oficialmente atendendo na clínica @drnahoracg , venho convidar a todos para conhecer esse espaço com diversos especialistas super competentes, e conhecer também clarooo, meu trabalho como fisio, que modéstia a parte, é um trabalho feito visando a humanização, o cuidado e o amor com o paciente ☯️💆♥️. PH:@tonydumond #Fisioterapia #Ventosaterapia #DryNeedling #AgulhamentoASeco #FisioPorAmor #MedicinaChinesa #Massoterapia #TerapiaManual #Clínica

Suffering from a sporting injury? Make sure you visit @theelitefitnessgroupuk . #Repost @theelitefitnessgroupuk • • • • • Treatment on a #triathlete suffering from hip pain. . If you are an athlete suffering from #aches and #pains or #sportinginjury make sure you book in to the #EfgUK #sportsinjuryclinic . Details regarding all treatments can be found at www.theelitefitnessgroup.com/sports-clinic . #bethebestyou #sportsinjury #sports #sport #hippain #pain #runner #swim #triathlon #cycle #runninginjury #therapy #acupuncture #dryneedling #sportsmassage #massage #sportstherapy #bromley #bromleyvalley #sidcup #orpington

How to release stress/ stressful conflict. Anatomology II: 4/12 SHAKE THE STRESS AWAY. And the “stress” can include almost rear ending someone bumper - for your kids falling over - a surprise which startles you - anything that triggers your nervous system. those whom have had traumatic events, it can be a smell 👃🏽- a song 🎼- a word 🗣- a sound🔊🗯🔔. Something I’m teaching my little one ❣️and have been since he could walk 👣 is “Shake the Stress away” I say “ shake it off” and as you see from the video he does it straight away. I’ve patterned that in to him so that whenever something ‘triggers’ his nervous system his immediate response is to ‘shake it off’ 🙋🏻‍♂️💃🏼🕺🏽👋🤙🏽👏🏼 When triggered our system dumps Adrenalin so we can either 🥊🥋fight or flight🏃🏽‍♀️🏃‍♂️⛑ and for the majority of us we don’t release or remove that stress. ‘Shake the stress away’ allows your body to re-settle and for you to acknowledge in that quick moment that all is ok 👌🏼. The nervous system has done its job and it’s no longer needed. Your are not under threat and the system settles back to neutral. If we are not taught to do this, we accumulate these seemingly innocuous stresses and then little things become a source of major stress - overwhelm - overload. IMHO part of the reason for this build up is the loss of dance in our lives.💃🏼👩🏼‍🎤🎼🥁🕺🏽 Shaking a tail feather 🐥 was a weekly event and in ancient cultures a daily/ nightly event. Think about it.... How good do you feel after an impromptu dance 💃🏼 or having gone to a wedding 🎩 👰 and danced the night away? Remember the smiles captured and people joining in when Flash Mobs were a thing?🙌🏼🙋🏻‍♂️👊🏾🤩😍 Dance people! If not, then as in the video a simple way to ‘shake it off’ is to shake your arms and release the Adrenalin and tension from the moment of trigger. Say you miss a step or as mentioned above - you almost rearmed someone’s bumper. ☝️First you will now notice the Adrenalin flow through you! And second - you will simply shake it off. 📸@impacctful @taylorswift @kyliesheaxo @these_dancers_have_talent @fuquanferrell @dancefortheculture

A tendinite na pata de ganso é a dor na parte de dentro do joelho, esse nome engraçado se refere a três músculos (sartório, grácil e semitendinoso) que formam uma figura parecida com uma pata de ave e participam da estabilização do joelho, ou seja, ajudam para que ele se mantenha mais firme e alinhado durante os movimentos, acomete praticantes de corrida, patinadores e indivíduos sedentários. O Dry Needling ou Agulhamento a seco tem uma resposta super positiva no combate à dor. Locais de atendimento: Studio Sollaire e em domicílio. Goose leg tendonitis is the pain inside the knee. This funny name refers to three muscles (sartorius, gracilis, and semitendinosus) that form a bird-like figure and participate in stabilization of the knee, that is , help him to stay firmer and more aligned during the movements, affects runners, skates and sedentary individuals. Dry Needling or Dry Needling has a super-positive response in fighting pain. Customer Service: Studio Sollaire and at home. #dryneedling #atendimentodiferenciado #atendimentodomiciliar #agulhamentoaseco #tendinitepatadeganso #patadeganso

#Repost @pilatesaline (@get_repost) ・・・ A massagem com pedras quentes é uma das técnicas mais utilizadas para relaxar. É uma técnica com um poder muito forte de relaxamento justamente pelo calor das pedras, que além de deslizarem pela musculatura do nosso corpo, ainda esquentam a nossa pele causando uma excelente sensação que serve para combater, principalmente, problemas relacionados ao estresse, induzindo o cliente a um estado de relaxamento durante a pratica que poucas vezes pode ser atingido em outras oportunidades. Por isso nossos clientes que utilizam essa técnica voltam pouco tempo depois, e acabam criando uma rotina de massagem por conta da boa experiência que a massagem com pedras quentes disponibiliza. Deu vontade de fazer uma seção e viver todos esses benefícios? Ligue aqui pro estúdio e agende sua seção 📞(31)3018-3223. #pilates #pilatesaline #fisioterapia #pilateslovers #lpf #lowpressurefitness #barriganegativa #esteticafacial #esteticacorporal #mckenzie #acupuntura #dryneedling #belohorizonte

Join us in welcoming our newest team member Rachael. Rachael is studying a Bachelor of Nursing and will be support our clinic with helping you get the best appointment time available (as well as keeping us therapists all on track). Say hi to Rachael ! #health #lifestyle #massage #mindset #renewyourself #enjoy #feelgood #townsville #remedial #cupping #dryneedling #hotstones #wellbeing #improveyourself #lookafteryourself #rejuvenationmassage #muscles #massagetownsville #supportlocaltownsville

Meninas, já agendaram a limpeza de pele da semana? Vem porque amanha e quarta é dia de UpDay aqui na clínica. Mas lembrem-se que o desconto é apenas para os atendimentos na parte da manhã. Estamos te esperando!😉⠀ ⠀ #UpDay #TeamDraMarjolie #MarjolieMarques #FarmáciaEstética⠀⠀⠀

This month we had a great LIVE with Dr. Badawy as he spoke about the #celuacplexus block, #triggerpoint injections, #dryneedling, #RFAs and a plethora of treatment options available to those who battle #migraines, #Gastroparesis, #chronicpain and debilitating health conditions! ⁣ ⁣ He agreed to come back and discuss further techniques and procedures available including a #newwireless #stimulator that IS #MRI compatible and can be placed with little to no surgical options. ⁣ ⁣ Who would like to live a #painfree life? #Migrainefree ? Live with less symptoms due to #Gastroparesis? All we can do is share information, education and allow each patient the opportunity for an increased quality of life. ⁣ Any bit of improvement is a step forward to a better life! 💋 ⁣ Check out our main page and #replay for all of the knowledge Dr. Badawy gave us. He even ANSWERED QUESTIONS AFTER the event had ended within the comments. We have more recipients to announce so we will be back. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #Advocacy through #philanthropy #payitforward #knowyourpurpose #liveitwell #Chronicallywell #GQG #CoachApril #Healers @dazzle4rare @deb_iamokaynow @tippedmug @monitakespics @gimotility

‪Dry needling medial anterior elbow for college pitcher to augment healing #recovery #dryneedling #baseball #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #highschoolbaseball #ncaabaseball

How do you recover after finishing the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run in under 24 hours?! @zachtris2run @wser #ultra #tdn #dryneedling #physicaltherapy #woodlandspt #woodlandschiro