WHY YOU ARE NOT LOSING FAT by @thefitnesschef_ - If you feel the need to eat vast amounts of calories at the weekend, either your overall method is not working (not enjoyable) or you’re underestimating the consumed weekend calories. As you can see, calorie excess on the weekend (because you feel you worked hard during the week) can actually nullify that so called hard work. In fact, in this case it is counter productive. The question I would ask is; is your daily calorie target realistic? Do you even have a calorie target? - - My second point is that perhaps you’re unaware or underestimate the sheer volume of calories consumed over the weekend. You relax and feel you deserve ‘a break’. A break from what though? If you do it right, you shouldn’t really need a break. If you have a negative outlook on the process it’s either; not going to last or you’ll fluctuate up and down in consistency. Both of these will limit results. - - Forget the specifics of this post for a second. I’m emphasizing that, by whatever means, you cannot lose fat if you are not in a calorie deficit over a sustained period of time. - - If you’re just starting out in a fat loss mission, I’d recommended tracking the daily calories you currently consume (accurately!), and then deduct 10-15% off of that daily number, track and hit that number on average each week. Once you see progress after a few weeks and more fat loss is the aim, deduct another small amount... and so on, until you reach a position you want to maintain. By then you’ll have a good understanding of nutritional information/portion sizes in food and probably don’t have to continue tracking. It takes time. - - Or, focus on a weekly calorie number. So, if you consume high calories one day, adjust the next couple of days so that it’s still the target average. If you know you will consume more calories, plan to reduce calories 1-2 days before to offset the damage - again, so that the weekly average is still on target. It really is about averages and it really is that simple.

PERFORM BENCH PRESS SAFELY! Great post by @minorityfitness go follow him! On first inspection you might think the image on the left has more strict form because the dumbbells and arms are all parallel with the shoulders. However, this positioning actually puts A LOT of strain on the shoulder joints! If you perform with this form it just ‘doesn’t feel right’ to go all the way to the bottom of the rep. - Using the left image often causes shoulder problems such as rotator cuff niggles which include inflammation and possibly impingement – very painful and will need a lot of rest from any arm raising/pushing. - Using the image on the right will firstly feel a lot more natural and will allow you to complete a full range of motion pain free! Let the dumbbells touch your chest! This will allow you to get a good stretch on the chest for dem gains 💪

No secrets.. No shortcuts.. Just hard work.⚡️⚡️⚡️ Be more than just a piece of meat.. 🥩 Focus on developing your character, your talents, your mind! Otherwise you will never be truly satisfied..💭 #blessed #newwave #motivation #bodybuilding #blessed #hardwork #lifestyle #bodybuilder #fashion #classicphysique #bodyengineers #musclemania #muscle #pro #beastmode #physique #mensphysique #gym #aesthetics #fitness #sports #fit #instafit #fitspo #shredded #model #muscular #fitfam #health #fitnessuniverse

A common question I get asked is how/if you can manage a “party” life with a “gym” life & the answer is yes BUT. As with anything, moderation & balance is the key. If you can avoid having a complete bender then you can still live a “party” life & make gains, its only when you take things too far does it start to impair them through 3 main mechanisms. ➖ Kcal intake: Alcohol yield 7kcal/g (Traversy 2015) thus IF ABUSED has the ability to shift you into a huge surplus & store carbs/fats directly as fat as when it comes to metabolism alcohol takes priority no.1 (Siler et al 1999). Result? Fat gain but things get worse. IF ABUSED for up to 24hrs post alcohol consumption a hangover can develop (Ylikahri et al 1974) usually bringing tiredness & hunger though changes in leptin & ghrelin (Röjdmark et al 2001). Result? The day after you a) skip a workout b) reduce levels of NEAT & c) eat even more food all again contributing to creating an even larger surplus. ➖ Sleep: Late night partying may result in a lack of sleep which has shown to result in a plethora of negative adaptations such as reductions in strength (Knowles et al 2018), testosterone & IGF1 (Goh & Tong 2010), leptin increases in ghrelin (Taheri et al 2004), reduced performance etc.  together having shown to favour muscle loss & hinder recovery (Dattilo et al 2011, Buchmann et al 2016, Sharma & Kavuru 2010). ➖ Workout volume: As a result of being so tired you’ll often skip the gym thus potentially only getting 1-2 quality sessions completed during the wk. Even if you try to force a workout overall volume will be reduced from the impaired physical & cognitive performance that come from increased cortisol (Barnes et al 2012, Murphy et al 2013). Also, post exercise MPS & mTOR signalling is reduced (Parr et al 2014, Steiner et al 2014). ➖ . . . . #topgymtips  #irishfitfam  #ifitfitsyourmacros #caloriecounting  #myfitnesspal  #weightlossdiary #liftingweights  #fitlife  #getshredded  #shreddedlife #pumpingiron  #bodyengineers  #physiology #intermittentfasting  #leangains  #trainharder #benchpress  #trainhardorgohome  #personaltrainer #fitnessguru  #fitnessfreak  #nutritiontips  #fitnessjunkie #fitnesstime  #fitnessphysique  #hypertrophy #fit

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En vecka sedan tävlingen i Alingsås, styrkan och energin är påväg tillbaka i snabb takt, nya kostschemat känns on point, skrivit på anställningsavtal som produktutvecklare, livet rullar på bra nu. Rygg och biceps stod på schemat som sista pass denna vecka.