I've given up many times. ~ I've suffered the most humiliating of defeats. ~ I've failed more times than I care to share. ~ I've stared up at the stars many nights, hoping and praying and wishing for my broken heart to mend itself, as I pick up the pieces around me. ~ I've lost my faith in myself. I've lost my drive and I've lost myself along on the way. ~ I've had to walk away from good people and turn my back on anyone who brought doubt, fear and uncertainty into my life. ~ I've had to sacrifice my own happiness and my sense of pride and social standing for many long years to pursue my Devine life purpose. ~ I've had to walk alone on my own unique journey and I've had to carry myself for many long days and nights, when no else would believe in me and my vision. ~ I've had to trust in something far greater than myself to shine a light on what has often been the darkest of nights and the longest of roads. ~ I've beaten myself up harder than life ever has and I've been my toughest critic, my greatest weakness and my greatest asset. ~ I've lived in regret, I've been disappointed in my own behavior, my own level of performance and many of my past choices and decisions have haunted me. ~ I've had to build myself from the ground up and have had to become wiser, stronger and more spiritually aware. ~ I've had to fight away the demons of doubt and destroy anything that stands in my way or that tries to stop me from becoming the best and most beautiful version of myself. ~ I've had to learn to be committed to such a high level, that there is nothing else in my life except the body of work that makes up my vision and my true life purpose. ~ I've had to fight for my dreams, I've had to push myself out of my comfort zone and train myself to accept the constant pain, rejection and pressure that presents itself with the path I have chosen. ~ Despite my failures, my shortcomings and my setbacks, I'm still standing and I'm still fighting for what I believe in and I won't stop until my work is complete. ~ You may be lost, you may be broken in two, but you're still standing and as long as you're still standing... You can keep fighting for what you believe in!

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