It’s a good week to have a good week 🌞 Happy Monday!

Dørskilt = 390kr. Du finner massevis av ulike figurer å velge mellom på vår hjemmeside: Tusen takk til @renatemarkussen1 som tagget oss i det fine dørskiltet hun har laget til familien sin❤️ Ha en fin mandagskveld alle sammen 😘 #ukeplan #entre #dørskilt #familie #barn #interiørtips #hus #velkommen

Goodies, goodies and more goodies🤓

Do not forget who you are, even when someone tells you you're not. • • • I will not be out to the barn quite as much in the next couple of weeks due to my graduation and lots of family coming to town. I will definitely visit riah for her birthday, although that will probably have to happen a day or two before her birthday since that is the day before the big party (and literally everything is on that day). I will still try and get to the barn as much as I can, but we'll have to see how much that really is.

Throwback to regionals! I started a section of ribbons in my room with my ones from regionals and I don’t want to put other ribbons on it because my regional ones fit PERFECTLY and I don’t have any others the same size. The sad thing is I’m not going to regionals this year because it falls during the same time as Breyerfest and I’m going to Breyerfest. So basically I have to wait until maybe next year to finish the section😂 that was super random but whatever😂

The art of improvising on a rainy day... find a barn and pose like models! How gorgeous was Chantal and her girls?! . #junewedding #makeupbyme #blush #pink #monday #girls #bridesmaid #bride #barn Beautiful photo by @philipboudreauphoto